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Now that you have seen most of my work, we can talk about how can I help your work.

I get asked about my name often, and yes, my name really is Say Mistage. So please, call me Say.

I went into business school because I love working with people, and I ended up in the gaming industry because I have always been drawn to creativity. Regardless, I get business inquiries from small businesses and solo enterpreneurs from time to time and I am always more than happy to help.

I love retrogaming and celebrating nostalgia. I am too familiar with grief, and I have learned that with the loss of a loved one, all that we have left is love. We might not get them or the moment back, but we can certainly celebrate the things we love to reminisce those we love.

I am also a happy dog rescuer and animal shelter supporter.

This is Toby and he is my personal assistant. Also, a pillow thief.

To contact me, you are welcome to message me on social media or via LinkedIn.

I’m only a message away.