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I'm a Business graduate and former corporate manager with experience in Digital Marketing. Bilingual multi-industry professional, knowledgeable in content creation with a strong passion for Illustration.

My body of work expands from game publishing to game development, exploring different areas such as creative direction, social media strategy, and community building. 

Now, I work independently with entrepeneurs and creatives navigating the world of branding and social media.

Currently open for work, let’s talk!

These are the key areas I can help you with:


- Let's create your visual identity.

Understanding your style, your color palette, all the way to your logo.

It gives your work personality.

- Harmonizing your brand.

If you already have a strategy in place, then let's make it cohesive so it look like it all belongs together.

It helps people understand your content better.

- Content creation design.

Taking all of this information across all social media platforms so it all looks the best it can be.

It brands your work.

All of this shows you as a professional, which brings attention your way.


- Project Management.

Handling all the strategy and logistics of content management for you.

It gives you an active brand online while you get more time for yourself.

- Copywrite versatility.

Knowing what to do and say is half the work, but to know how to improve and repurpose is key.

It makes your content much more efficient.

- Podcast and Live streaming.

Digital Marketing has no limits, there is more than just text to communicate yourself.

It humanizes your brand and your work.

All of this builds social trust, which provides sales.


- Perfectly Bilingual.

Full command of both English and Spanish will allow you to be available for a larger audience.

Communication is fundamental.

- Market research and immersion.

I built my career in the gaming industry by building and cultivating different communities.

To understand people, you have to learn about them first.

- Adaptability and flexibility.

Proactive and problem solving. It is important to create a healthy environment, and even more important to know how to handle when it isn't.

Communities are the heart of every business.

All of this brings conversations forward, which gives you social presence and helps you grow as a business.


- Concept art.

Whether it would be for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, I can create entirely original artwork for you

- Character and background design.

Brand mascot, book character, or video game villain; I can create them all.

- Fan art.

From TV shows to anime, and even video games. Anything is possible.

Any of these are available for commercial or personal commissions.

Here is a sample of my work portfolio